School Tour Day, 22 – 23 November 2017

Dear Parents,

We know that learning more about your child’s future school is important to you, because you know what’s best for your child’s future.

Therefore, we are opening up our classrooms, offices, and facilities for you to obtain a deeper understanding of how our school works on the inside.  We want you to experience the heart of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug.


Here’s what you can expect during the School Tour Day:

  • Class Sit In:  Experience a real life classroom at BINUS
  • Consultation: Speak to our professional IB Coordinators
  • Tour: Walk around our facility on a guided tour.


If you would like to RSVP, or to learn more about the School Tour Day, please contact us via telephone at 021 724 3663 or email at

We look forward to seeing you at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug – Discover your Potential, Champion a Better Future.



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