Brain Tumor survivor Gardyan presents self-created program to Neurologists and UI Professors

Jakarta, 16 March 2018 – Gardyan (Class of 2018) a recovering brain tumor patient, presented his own program to a Symposium full of Neurologists and Universitas Indonesia (UI) Professors in Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, during a Symposium for Neurology on 16 March, 2018.
Gardyan was the only non-medical degree holder, and youngest person at the Symposium, to present to a room full of professionals.  His project was a personal project close to his heart, something that also helped him and his Doctor analyze post-operation occurrences of pain during his recovery.

The program, aptly named “Guardian”, enables patients to accurately record occurrences of pain, which would then be used by the patient’s doctor to perform an in-depth analysis and take necessary actions.

During his presentation, Gardyan was accompanied by his doctor, and also invited BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Principal, Mr. Peter M Saidi, to the stage to acknowledge a few of his mentors.  The innovation was applauded and was easily remembered by the majority of the attending neurologists when prompted with questions regarding Gardyan’s presentation.

The innovation is the first achievement of its kind at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, and is a testament to the creativity and capabilities of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students. -CT

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