Let’s Talk About Betawi Culture ‘Ondel Ondel Galau” by Frances Caitlin Tirtaguna

Caitlin Frances Tirtaguna or Frances was a young girl born in Jakarta who is now 15 years old. Frances is a Grade 10 student in BINUS SCHOOL Simprug who had recently become one of the school’s deputy of Asia Pacific Young Leaders Convention 2018 in Singapore. The event carries the theme of “Embracing Unity, Valuing Diversity” followed by six countries and Frances get 1st Place for Overall Team Presentation for his team at the event.

Frances loved to write since she was in childhood. Her passion in writing successfully made Frances passing the selection of Stanford University, USA to attend the university’s Expository Journalists courses in 2015 when she was still in grade 7.

Moreover, she also won several national and international competitions such as the winner of World Debate at the World Scholar’s Cup ‘Tournament of Champions’, Yale University, Deliberative Speech Contest held by the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshop (2016) at Harvard University, USA , Frances is also listed as the youngest delegate from school to Harvard Model United Nations in 2016 in Beijing.

Her achievements and high commitment also brought this girl having an eager to promote the country through a novel she created  “ONDEL ONDEL GALAU”.

Starting from her struggle seeing Ondel-Ondel that looked filthy and singing in Jakarta traffic area, this situation has triggered her to seek more about Ondel – Ondel. In her search, Frances also becomes interested in knowing deeper about the Betawi culture. Until finally she did a research in Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village.

Ondel – Ondel Galau” reviews differentiation at Betawi culture, ranging from the history, the figures, traditional dance, traditional clothes, traditional songs, and traditional toys to the variant of Betawi culinary. This novel was adapted in English language with a very easy to read style. Hopefully, through this novel she was able to introduce Indonesian culture to a wider audience especially foreign countries.

“Semoga lewat novel ini, Aku bisa menginspirasi anak-anak muda seusiaku untuk kenal dan turut melestarikan Budaya. Budaya Betawi harus hidup lestari dan dapat dibanggakan!” demikian ujarnya.

“I hope this novel can inspire young kids at my age to know and they can able to preserve the Betawi culture. Betawi culture need to live sustainable and can be proud of! ” Frances said.
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