Nocturnal Solar Light Bulb For Sumba

Energy Alternative Club is a student initiated club under the guidance of Mr. Teguh Gumilar. The members of the club are in the middle of a project called Nocturnal Solar Light Bulb For Sumba. Just like its name, nocturnal solar light bulbs are in the making to be donated to the people in East Sumba. Our BINUSIANs realize that in such rural villages, access to electricity is extremely limited, particularly when the sun is down. The end goal for this project is to allow those people to have access to lights so children could study and adults could work even after the sun sets.

Now, these bulbs are rechargeable and one day charging could give them lights for the whole night. The lifespan for these lights could go as long as 5 years. How amazing right!?

Members have been working really hard to get these ready since June and things have been going according to plan so these 100 bulbs can be dispatched as soon as next week , August 1st!



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