Welcome Back Our Young Leaders!

With a passion in International Relations, had the opportunity to talk about climate change, globalization, protectionism, and how to relate all these to the global economy. And! Got to meet the President of Singapore themselves. Just what could be better than having all that in one trip?

Our proud BINUSIANs, Timothy Gunawan and Eugene Halim, were chosen to represent Indonesia along with two other Serpong BINUSIANs to participate in Hwa-Chong Asia Pacific Youth Leaders Summit (APYLS) 2019. Yes, they did represent Indonesia. Out of the whole country, BINUS Schools were chosen to be a part of the program. These young leaders, then, gathered with several other students from different countries to talk about occurring problems in the world and what they can do to make the world better.

During this program, our four young leaders had the opportunity to present their concern for climate change with the help of their poster. This poster was meant to call for an action in order to solve the current situation. They also had the opportunity to present their dialogues about globalization, protectionism, economies, and other topics within international relations.

Before the trip, Eugene and Timothy agreed they were really excited to meet with President of Singapore. Upon meeting the President, all the groups in the program were divided into poster group and dialogue group. Our BINUSIANs were a part of the dialogue group where they got to interact with the President. Even within a small amount of time, these young leaders were able to talk to the President and even asked her questions to enrich their knowledge not only about Singapore but also her point of view about the global situation.

“I loved to program. One of the highlights of my high school” Eugene said. Eugene also said that meeting new people and sharing things with who were once strangers become such an eye opening experience he ever had. “Finding out that even though they [are] from different countries, we [are] all quite similar. We share the same humor, care about the same issues, and all interact in very similar ways,” he continued.

We are very proud of you, young leaders. We thank you for bringing such great contributions to the world in the name of yourselves, our school, and our country. We hope this experience will broaden up your future path because we are one community, A World-class Community of Proud and Outstanding Achievers.


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