British Ambassador Visit

We were so delighted to be chosen by the British Ambassador to be visited by. The purpose of this visit was to enrich our students’ knowledge about pursuing their education in UK after high school. Today, we had 3 guests; Mr. Rob Fenn, Mr. Colm Downes, and Ms. Yuli Vega spoke to us regarding college life in UK.

After our student council picked the three guests from the lobby, Grade 10 and Grade 11 had the privilege to hear fun stories and informative session by the Ambassador opened by our principal, Me. Peter. It was then when they shared all the know-how about UK, followed by Q&A, and fun talk with two BINUS SIMPRUG alumni that also graduated from university in UK.

Thank you for coming to our Home and let us be assure as to why we still have the highest percentage of students going to UK to continue their study.

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