Diagnostic Test

Part of the amazing thing that BINUS SCHOOL Simprug has that other schools do not is the journey program we have in our facility. This journey program is meant to help all of our students to start thinking about what they would like to pursue in the future. We strive to be a facilitator to the needs of our students in order to achieve their goals in life!

One of the things Journey Team do this year is a series of event compiled into Journey Fest. Aside from our annual university fair, we had a visit from the British Ambassador and Diagnostic Test for our Grade 9 and 10 only!

Diagnostic Test is the first-ever happen in our country! The purpose of this test is to prepare our students well before they have to take the university entrance test. It basically works as SAT Prep. Our Grade 9 and 10 had the privilege to take this opportunity to fully understand where they stand and how they could improve to maximize themselves before taking the actual thing.

Journey Team has been working really hard to make this happen, collaborate with the best test providers to make sure students get the most accurate test experience for the future!

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