UPDATE 2: Normandy International Youth Leadership Summit (NIYLS)

Our three NIYLS delegates Clarissa, Zera, and Tubagus have returned home safely to Jakarta after a fruitful and memorable week in France. During the course of the week, our young leaders engaged in workshops about the petrol crisis and looked at ways of maintaining positive, sustainable economies and zero-waste schools. As part of the discussion about food waste and unsustainable food-production methods, the delegates highlighted the benefits of vegetarian and other non-meat diets.

Our young leaders also learned about the history of Le Havre and saw how the city needed to be rebuilt from scratch after being almost completely destroyed after World War II. They experienced the sheer natural beauty of the white cliffs on the coast of Etretat and absorbed the art, architecture, and culture of Paris at every turn with a day-long hike from Bastille to the Eiffel Tower and a visit the following day to the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.

Over the course of the leadership summit, our students did home stay, getting a full immersion experience of life in France. The host family for Clarissa and Zera cooked rice every day to help them adjust and stuffed them full at every meal. The host family for Tubagus made sure that no pork was served during meals, out of respect to the diet of their special guest. In addition, the host families gave our students various tours around the area and bonded with our students like family.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our young leaders had a chance to bond with students from different countries around the world, establishing invaluable friendships which hopefully will last a lifetime. In addition to the memories that will be etched indelibly in the hearts and minds of our young leaders, our students have returned home with new leadership skills, increased confidence, and hopefully a renewed sense of mission and purpose with respect to their studies.

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