WSC ToC Yale 2019

Every child has the potential to discover. The road to discovery unfolded as 24 proud and outstanding BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students joined the recently concluded World Scholar’s Cup 2019 last November 7th – November 13th at Yale University, Connecticut, USA.

The journey started at the beginning of the year, as the scholars immersed themselves in studying the six subjects of the curriculum for this year namely: special area, literature, history, arts and music, science, and social studies with the main theme “A World on the Margins”

Following that, they joined the qualification process from the Jakarta Round to the Global Round and finally stepped up to the Final Round – The Tournament of Champions. The bittersweet road ended in victory as each scholar did not only discover each of their potentials but they also gained the confidence of what it takes to be a real winner.

Attar and Rafi

The hard work paid off as one team composed of Muhammad Rafi Permadi, Taj Attariq Topobroto garnered as Rank 1 for the once very repulsive “Collaborative Writing” team event. They were also hailed as the 2nd overall Top Team Scholar among over 65 participating countries. The rest of the BINUS SCHOOL Simprug scholars joined their triumph as more trophies and medals piled up in the bag of victory as each received awards for the other areas of the WSC competition- team debate, collaborative writing, the scholar’s bowl, and the scholar’s challenge.
The medals and the trophies are only some of the fruits of their labor. The opportunities to experience international exposure, as well as the diversity and inclusivity of the competition, are just some of the most wonderful memories they had from joining the World Scholar’s Cup competition.

In total, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug WSC scholars brought home 53 gold medals, 45 silver medals, and 8 trophies

BINUSIANs are indeed a community of proud and outstanding achievers!

Note: not in the above picture are Agul and Kenneth


Jordy, Vincent, Kenneth, and Kevin

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