Two BINUS Simprug students (Avedis Sean Asihin and Amelia Kristiari)  represented the School during the invitational 2019 Shenzhen International High School Students Forum in Shenzhen, China. First on their schedule was witnessing the arts performance ranging from a play adapting Anne Frank’s diary to an orchestra performed by the in-house orchestra hosted by Shenzhen Senior students held in Shenzhen Senior High School. After the enriching cultural experience, the evening continued with a journey to Shenzhen Civic Center to see the impressive light show and to dine with the other delegates for the night.

Shenzhen Senior High School’s School Art Festival Closing Ceremony.

The forum formally begun on the second day, December 28, with an eye-opening lecture by Professor Zhao Lulu setting the tone for the rest of the day; a day of new insights and friends to be learnt and made. BINUS Simprug representatives were very fortunate to be chosen to speak at the forum’s keynote speech session, where participants expressed their views on “Civilization Diversity and the Construction of a Community with a Shared Destiny”. Much was learnt throughout the two-hour sessions, and notably not just in what participants spoke about, but also how they conveyed their message.

BINUS Simprug Representatives Avedis Sean Asihin and Amelia Kristiari speaking on Civilization Diversity and the Construction of a Community with a Shared Destiny.

Furthermore, BINUS Simprug representatives participated actively in the Round Table Conference with the topic entitled “Relationship between Civilization Inclusiveness and Economic Prosperity”. Interestingly, the cultural presentations that followed was where the BINUS Simprug delegation really shined. Not only did they organize an interactive Angklung presentation, but they also brought with them select Indonesian snacks to share with other delegates which the latter appreciated and enjoyed with delight.

BINUS Simprug representatives participating in the Round Table Conference with the topic
entitled “Relationship between Civilization
Inclusiveness and Economic Prosperity”.
Delegates enjoy Indonesian snacks with delight.


On the third day, December 29, 2019 marked the closing ceremony where there were meaningful speeches from the principal of Shenzhen International High School and the head of this Shenzhen International High School Student Forum. Also witnessed during the event were the traditional Chinese dance performed by the host school and singing a song “Auld Lang Syne” in Chinese by the delegates who formed a choral group.

Although communication, discussion and networking were to be the centerpieces of the forum, one must not forget that a visit to Shenzhen would not be completed without a visit into its burgeoning technological industry. Once described by Wired UK as the “Silicon Valley of Hardware” and Bloomberg as “China’s Tech Megacity”, the participants had high expectations for the tour of Tencent Holdings Limited, the company behind WeChat and QQ. Tencent controls hundreds of subsidiaries and associates in numerous industries and areas, creating a broad portfolio of ownerships and investment across a diverse range of businesses including search engines, e-commerce, retail, video gaming, real estate, software, virtual reality, ride-sharing and banking. To make the long story short, Tencent blew those expectations out of the water. At Tencent, participants were given a glance into the future of data storage, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, among other emerging technologies.

On Monday 29th December (last day of the forum), the delegates bid goodbye to one another. Many things will be missed such as new found friends, food, places and above all worthwhile experiences that money can’t buy.

The forum provided grounds for the BINUS Simprug participants to develop their public speaking and networking skills, among others. One may argue that such development is secondary to the eye-opening experiences that the participants were subjected to throughout their stay. As Amelia stated “We need to appreciate and understand different cultures and establish relationships with people from other backgrounds. This is the only way to build successful communities, improve our living conditions, and solve problems. After all, I represent one of the young leaders in Indonesia. I have an opportunity to bond with students from different countries around the world and to build precious friendships which hopefully will last forever.”

At Shenzhen, one truly sees the next ten years come into shape: The development of a future workforce adept to fast changing technology and times, a commitment to stay ahead of the curve and infrastructure and a network to support the dream, whatever shape it may eventually take.



Avedis Sean Asihin & Amelia Kristiari
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