This era is led by Generation Z that reflects success from hard work and self-development. The potentials seen in this generation is not often recognized without a platform that appropriately accommodates and channels them. With this BINUS SCHOOL Simprug aims to provide this platform for individuals to develop their potential optimally.

Binus Cup is one of the numerous platforms that develop not only academic achievements, but also potentials in non -academic fields wherein sport becomes a crucial activity as a means for the body, soul, and social development. Nineteen years after the first Binus Cup was held, we were inspired to hold Binus Cup 8 on February 14 – 22, 2020, an inter-school competition to showcase students’ abilities and skills as well as building relationships with the invited schools.

The objective of this event is to:
1. Provide a platform for developing leadership and organizational skills, instilling sportsmanship values, and practicing the characteristics of the 3Rs – Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience.

2. Build a competitive nature.Appreciate achievements.

3. Support physical and social activities through sports.

4. Support SDGs #3: Good Health and Well-Being, #4: Quality Education (partner with Happy Hearts BINUS SCHOOLSimprug), and #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities (Eco-

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