Borneo Initiatives Youth Camp

Day 1 at Borneo Initiatives Youth Camp! Claire, Pradnya, and Rake spent the first day getting to know the other participants and cycling through the jungle! Ms. Angie also presented about bystander intervention in the evening session. The theme of this conference is “creating a kinder world.”

Day 2! We visited @ransel_buku , went on a river tour to see orangutans, and ended the day with film screenings and discussion with experts from @borneo.nature @borneo_production and runaway media! Shinta from runaway media said something really powerful: “Those who change the world are those who choose not to be ignorant…Our voices will be heard if we are brave enough to speak.”

Day 3: workshop with Ibu Dina from @yayasansejiwa , Design thinking workshop with Stephen and Bjorn, a walk in the jungle, and a fun closing celebration!


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