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Our students representation showed their care to reach out and help to those who are in need, through giving. Students are seen buying daily necessities for online drivers nearby.



“After doing the activity, I felt gratified — it felt really nice doing something that could help someone’s life. While picking the items, I decided to stick to the basics; rice, eggs, instant noodles, and oil were the main things that came to mind. Thankfully, I had an acquantaince that can supply all of those for a great price. Maybe as an improvement for this activity, we could provide the same for other workers, such as for street vendors (pedagang kaki lima).”


“This project was an incredibly creative, good-willed, and fulfilling activity that I am delighted to have participated in. Although it was a simple act of giving, it filled me with a sense of fullfilment as I received many words of thanks from the driver that I donated to. Especially in these seemingly stormy times, I believe that the act of giving through this project is a ray of light and hope that we can each contribute to society. I encourage everyone to join us in this project to give back to the society. Thanks!”


“Contributing to this mini project was very exciting and I am very honoured to have been one of the people chosen to participate. At first, I was very nervous because I tend to feel very anxious when meeting new people and I knew that when doing this project, meeting someone knew was something that needed to be done. In preparation, the first thing I did was plan what items I wanted to buy the Gojek driver. I decided to get them basic cooking items like rice and cooking oil and some instant noodles as they are very easy to make and may come in handy especially during times like these where not a lot of food is as accessible as it usually is. Then, I planned how exactly I was going to put the project’s plan into action. After coming up with the different ways I could execute this, I finally decided to have the driver deliver the items to my house, meet them (while keeping a relatively safe distance, of course), and tell them all about the project as I hand over the items. I chose this method because I felt that it was important to meet the driver as it would be easier to explain about the project as well as guarantee that I could hand over the items.

Throughout the execution of the project, there were a few hardships I had to go through. The first problem was that it was quite difficult to find a driver who was willing to go buy the items in the first place. I had a few cancellations before one finally accepted. Another one was that I had a problem with a lot of the food items being out of stock. Additionally, many of the basic cooking items increased in prices. This made it tough for me to select the items that I was going to buy to give the driver. Fortunately, everything worked out very well in the end. The driver was very cooperative, polite, and seemed even more grateful than I had expected. All in all, I would say that the project was a definite success and that although I’m glad to have had this experience and to be a part of it, I feel marginally more grateful knowing that the items I had bought went to someone I felt was deserving of it. I would definitely recommend this kind of experience to everyone as I feel that we have so much that we can contribute and give to make the world a kinder, better place and that even the smallest of actions we take can inspire others to do the same.”

By our students :Gizelle Gabriella (Gr.11), Eugene Halim (Gr.11), Nilakandiah Dowson (Gr.10)


Thank you again for supporting this project- you have made a tremendous impact in our community!

With gratitude,


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