Reflections of a ‘new’ IB educator

People are resilient and education is enduring.

My first year at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, an IB Continuum School in Jakarta, will be one to remember. Let us recap the 2019-2020 academic year. During the month of September 2019, we experienced mass political protests. During the month of January this year, we experienced devastating floods in Jakarta. Not long after that, all of humanity found themselves amid a global pandemic. An occurrence which happens every 100 years.

Have we faltered at any of these points? No. Have we stopped teaching and learning at any of these points? No. Our strength and optimism may have waned, as is human nature to oscillate between hope and despair, but our resilience has been a straight and upward line. And for that, we should applaud ourselves. It is difficult, sometimes impossible, to recognize our own resilience when in the ‘thick of things’. You only see how far you have come once you have finally reached the end.

We have reached the end of this academic year, an achievement made possible through compassion and connection. I am a member of a much bigger BINA NUSANTARA family. I am looked after by our school ‘father’, Mr. Peter Saidi. I am supported by my school ‘mother’, Ms. Richel Langit-Dursin. I am guided by my ‘bigger sister’, Ms. Jocelyn Mondejar. This family has provided us with the tools to make this achievement possible – be it through training or professional development, providing educational platforms for us to continue teaching through the pandemic, constant support from Human Capital to answer all your questions, teachers collaborating and sharing ideas and resources, and the dedication of the BINUS COVID-19 team to ensure our health.

Let us take a second to apply our 20/20 vision (this double entendre makes you realize 2020 was always destined to be an Earth-shaking year). This year has humbled us and guided us back to the basics – a focus on what we have, not what we don’t.

We have our BINA NUSANTARA family.

We have job security.

We have resilient students.

We have a life-long love for learning.

We have support.

We have compassion.

We have dedication.

We have the call to be educators.

We have a purpose.

People are resilient and education is enduring.

By: Lauren Tracy Turner

Grade 1 Class Teacher

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