Kyla Christie (Class of 2018) Receives Diana Award

KYLA CHRISTIE, Young Change Maker


BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is an education institution, part of the BINA NUSANTARA Group, which has been successfully involved to create positive contributions for almost 40 years. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug with its vision, “Fostering and Empowering Society in Building and Serving the Nation”, strives to focus not only in academics, but also developing children’s personal interests. Various activities are pursued to encourage the students to have leadership, exemplary character, to always innovate in learning in order to become an inspiration for the community.

For more than 10 years, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug has implemented the IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum from Early Years to High School. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug had passed more than 1,500 graduates who have been accepted at many of the best universities in Indonesia and overseas, along with the achievement of having the highest IB DP Score of 45 for three consecutive years. Many of its graduates were able to be an inspiration to the global community and work to bearing the name of Indonesia, such as Kyla Christie.

As a young person, she carries the traits of bravery, creativity, and strength. Her constant drive to keep bettering the society and keep providing better solutions and creative outlets for the people of the world is admirable and was recognized by The Diana Award* as a Young Change Maker.  *The Diana Award is the most prestigious accolade a young person aged 9-25 years can receive for their social action or humanitarian work. This is the longest running award for young people through a retrospective nomination process only. Young people do not work towards the award, rather they demonstrate their suitability through their actions, without any expectation of reward.

Kyla Christie was the only recipient from Indonesia. Highlighted in her three biggest projects; Sing-to-Build, New Art Collective, and Global Youth Leaders. At the age of 10, Kyla created ‘Sing-to-Build’, a non-profit which tapped into her vocal talents to generate funds for communities affected by natural disasters. Kyla raised more than $70,000 to help rebuild homes and build libraries, women’s centers, art centers and music centers in hard hit areas. At 17, she launched the ‘New Art Collective’ from what used to be Jakarta Youth for Performing Arts. She choreographed, directed and inspired young people through song, dance, and drama performances. Kyla has brought together over 5,000 audience members and more than 110 youth performers to produce 15 shows and projects. Kyla also founded ‘Global Youth Leaders’ in 2018, gathering young inspirational speakers to share their expert opinions on top 10 impactful industries with younger generations in Indonesia and globally.

Kyla Christie, Recipients of the 2020 Diana Award, says:

 “I am honored to receive this award, especially during a challenging time like this. We are going through one of the biggest impact shifts of our generation. To win this award means to lead by example. We are young, we are dedicated, and we are impactful. I am using this award to amplify my voice and speak for change through arts and entrepreneurship. This is for all strong young people everywhere: speak up and be brave. What you have to say matters. This is for all creatives everywhere: your work is impactful and use your talent for change.  Be Creative. Be Courageous. Be The Change”.

During COVID-19, she has been collaborating with CreativePop to provide creative classes for children in Indonesia. CreativePop organizes classes on subjects that require creativity, from singing, dancing, cooking, to creative writing. Kyla herself teaches creative writing and singing. She believes that now, more than ever, the young generation need to explore their creativity, imagination, and performing arts. Even when we are locked down in our homes, our creativity and imagination must still be allowed to run free.

She says: “During COVID-19, we are in need of innovative and creative solutions that can be thought up and created by young people. We are the generation that understands and fosters a clear sense of creativity in the middle of chaos. We are strong and more united than ever. It is important to grow that sense of wonder and creativity, because it will be the very thing that saves us.”

Kyla is currently studying at Babson College, the best entrepreneurial college in the world for 25 years in a row, as a Weissman Scholarship student with 2 majors in the fields of fine art and entrepreneurship. She also continues to develop her project initiatives while breaking new grounds as content creator, using her experiences and talents to create content on entrepreneurship, arts, and successful lifestyle.

BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students have learned to understand their passion from an early age and continue to specifically focus in their preparation to enter their desired university. At BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, the senior students will receive a personalized support from their ‘Journey Team’ to ensure the assistance they each need to get where they want to be. The school also provides internship activities in collaboration with several large companies in Jakarta not only to prepare their students with the most real-world work experience, but also to further allow students understand their passion.

With dedication and earnest commitment in education, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug believes that their vision, “Fostering and Empowering Society in Building and Serving the Nation”, will be felt and impact the community as an inspiration to the younger generations to keep striving and pursuing in making a difference.

Come join us in an IG Live Alumni Session with Kyla Christie, 2020 Diana Award Recipient, and our DP Teacher, Ms. Malou. Let’s talk about being a young entrepreneur and what it takes to make a difference at such young age. Join us on Saturday, 18th of July 2020 at 8PM in our Instagram Live @binusschool_simprug. Don’t miss it!

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