SASMO Winners

Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) 2020.

” With 19 participating countries and a total of 15 570 math enthusiasts, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students proved once again that they can compete with the world’s best in mathematics. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students garnered 17 medals with one student ranked number 11 globally. As always, our mathematicians give us a million reasons to celebrate as a proud school “ – Denise Polinec Rentiquiano, MYP Subject Head / Mathematics –

Congratulations to OUR WINNERS!

1. Jeonghun C., Gr.11 – Gold ( Global Rank 11 )
2. Byung E.L., Gr.11 – Bronze
3. Joshua H., Gr.11 – Bronze
4. Michael W., Gr.11 – Silver
5. Bunga T.H., Gr.10 – Silver
6. Edward E.H., Gr.9 – Silver
7. Kayla N.S., Gr.9 – Bronze
8. Kenzie M., Gr.8 – Silver
9. Radhiyya R.H, Gr 8 – Bronze
10. Seo Y.B., Gr.8 – Bronze
11. Kayla K., Gr.6 – Bronze
12. Alexa N.P.H, Gr.4 – Silver
13. Diagaskara R.F., Gr.4 – Bronze
14. Sonya R.S, Gr.4 – Bronze
15. Soo Y.Y., Gr.4 – Bronze
16. Celine S., Gr.3 – Silver
17. Nursofia A.A.F.M, Gr.2 – Bronze

What’s next for our mathematicians? American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO) on the 31st of October.


VANDA Winners

VANDA is a Science Competition comprising of 25 MCQ to test on student’s ability to apply their critical thinking skills and problem-solving ability. This competition was held on August 15 and the participants coming from Grade 3 to Grade 11 students. VANDA offers a science competition that ensure students who are only equipped with their school science can compete with the rest of the world.

This time BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students’ achievement was contributed by:

ALEXA NATALIE PUTRI HERLAMBANG  (Grade 4) and ARTAYA DARLANA DANUSAPUTRO  (Grade 11) who recently earned Bronze Medals at VANDA 2020.

Hopefully, the victory will motivate more students to be brave enough to compete and make more achievements.

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