The Winners of HIPPO English Language Competition

HIPPO English Language Olympiad result is out!
Congratulations, to all the awardees!!! ?? ?

Thank you so much to all the teachers, coaches, supervisors, and parents for the continuous support.
This unique Olympiad is organized by GLOBAL HIPPO ASSOCIATION.

Hippo “English Without Borders“ Olympiad is an international Olympiad that promotes the English language, challenges students around the globe to compete in English language knowledge, and improves the co-operation between teachers.

The Olympiad encourages the development of a shared sense of identity and integration, serves as a role model for young people living together as one community. As the main goal is to create and nourish friendly relations, international understanding, and a spirit of sporting competitiveness between young people interested in the English language from all around the world.

Once again, Congratulations BINUSIANS!

– Jocelyn L. Mondejar (EY-EL Affective Coordinator) –

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