American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO) 2021 Winners

Napoleon Hill once said “When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.” Beyond proud to these BINUSIANS who are so driven and always up for a challenge. The spirit to keep fostering and empowering that start from within, themselves. Congratulations Chiara Amanda Santoso, Celine Salim, Kayla Kenenza, Kenzie Moreno, Sukrit Birmani, and Caitlin Buntaran for the medals and the honorable mention in American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO) 2021!

Chiara A. Santoso – Gold Medal
Celine Salim – Bronze Medal
Kayla Kenenza – Bronze Medal
Kenzie Moreno – Bronze Medal
Sukrit Birmani – Bronze Medal
Cailtin Buntaran – Honorable Mention
Rebecca Buntaran – Participation
Jean Raphaela Gunawan – Participation

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