Chiara Amanda Santoso, The Quiet Girl Who Roars

                            The quiet girl who roars. That is how Chiara Amanda Santoso is known for. A proud BINUSIAN from the Class of 2023 who is simply quiet but has achieved so much! In 2021, she accomplished a handful of medals from different competitions. Most of the medals were from Mathematics competitions. One that is passionate about seeing Math as more than just a subject she needs to pass in school. One that sees Math as a way to see the world differently through problem-solving and analytical skills. During the current unprecedented time, Chiara has managed to show that nothing stops her from achieving even more. Recently, she won Big Bei Bay Heat Round in December for a silver award. Aside from that, she also earned a gold medal from one of the most intense mathematical competitions, the American Mathematics Olympiad last November.

                            The outstanding achievements have shown Chiara’s utmost efforts and passion in Math. She secured a gold medal in the World Mathematics Invitational 2022, American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO), Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO). Her achievement in receiving silver award in the Big Bei Bay, Singaporean & Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO), Hong Kong International Science Olympiad (HKISO), and Asian Science and Mathematics Olympiad (ASMO) proved that her success is not instantaneous. Various medals in the Philippine International Mathematical Olympiad, American Mathematics Competition (AMC), and Mathematics Without Borders (MWB) are added to her journey. 

Chiara Amanda Santoso won Gold Award in TIMO 2021
Chiara Amanda Santoso won Gold Award in TIMO 2021

                            Diploma Programme (DP)  is an advanced stage for IB learners and it requires resilience and readiness to triumph it. As university portfolio is beginning to haunt the life of DP students, Chiara is still eager to take the time and challenge herself into various Math competitions in the future. “The transition from MYP to DP was not easy, and so are the competitions. Carving out some time to keep practicing, be willing to take the challenge, and be proactive lead me to where I am. It doesn’t mean that you always have to be in front of your books and study. Finding the right balance between learning, family, and friends is important too” said Chiara.  It is a passion no one can deny, but through it, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is ready to continue supporting Chiara to optimise her interest in Math to develop her best potential. 

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