Our Journey in Winning Digimark Competition

When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved (Mattie Stepanek) 

Digimark is a business and marketing competition held annually by the BINUS International Marketing Club. This year’s theme, ‘Building and Maintaining Customer Engagement in the New Normal Business Landscape,’ was centered around the pandemic and current global situation affecting businesses. The competition was held from November 14 to December 4, 2021, however, this year it was held online due to the pandemic.

There were 15 teams from all around Indonesia that competed and participated in the competition. For the first round, we were given a company and a case study for it. The company we were given was Memeat, a meat importing business. The problem was that the pandemic had affected Memeat’s sales and despite trying numerous promotional strategies and marketing campaigns, the sales remained stagnant. Our job was to come up with a suitable marketing plan that included both traditional and digital marketing, to help increase Memeat’s sales. 

We had to write a report and business proposal that included a market and competitor analysis which we did in the form of SWOT, the current and proposed target market, campaign goals, key messages, market segmentation, the actual marketing strategies we proposed, and a lot more things. We also had to make use of at least 2 social media apps and come up with marketing strategies for each which included endorsements, ads, and other strategies to increase brand awareness and engagement. We included some prototypes for the social media content so that the judges could visualise and get an idea of the content they could create. Additionally, we came up with budgets, investments, expected returns, and timelines to help justify our strategies and show why it was a good choice. We were given about a week only for this, so there was a lot to do in a short time. We had regular calls so that we could clarify things and discuss our ideas. Once we were close to finishing, Ms. Tima, our supervisor, also suggested we contact Ms. Ma Lourdes who was a business teacher so that we could get advice on our work. She gave us some helpful feedback which we took into account. To maximise the time we had, we decided on what all we wanted to include in the report and then we split the parts so that we could accomplish more. Our report ended up being 21 pages! 

A total of 5 out of the 15 teams were selected for the final round and our team was one of them. When we found out, we were so ecstatic and glad our work paid off and were excited about the next round. In the final round, our task was to create a final presentation about our ideas and strategies and present it to a panel of judges, including representatives from Memeat. Essentially, we had to sum up our report in a 5-minute presentation. Although we already had made some prototypes, we created some more and this time created some videos too. We managed to contact Sonya Agustina, a huge influencer to help us create a prototype for an Instagram ad. We also created our own YouTube ad which was very fun. The whole process was very fun. We created scripts for our presentation and practised for the presentation multiple times before we were finally able to get it under 5 minutes, which only happened the night before the final.

On the actual presentation day, we were set to present third. Listening to the other presentations, we were impressed with the ideas, prototypes, and strategies they came up with. It was really fun and interesting to listen to other people’s presentations because everyone had such unique ideas. After we presented, we were relieved and happy that everything had gone smoothly. We knew we had given our best shot and were happy with the effort and outcome we achieved, regardless whether we won or not. When the winners were announced, we were so proud and happy that our team won third place and started texting each other in all caps. We were all just really happy that our hard work paid off and we even started planning a celebration. Overall this experience was a really great one because we learned so much, gained new skills and experience, got to listen to other people’s ideas, and the fact that we won third place made it so much better and more rewarding. It was also really amazing because we grew closer and our friendship grew after this competition.

Who can deny that competition and collaboration are two sides of the same coin? 

Gabrielle Ardhanareswari Lydian, Morgan Wiradharma & Myra Khullar (Class of 2024)

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