Personalised Teaching Breeds Mathematics Champions

Personalised Teaching Breeds Mathematics Champions

Generally, Mathematics is seen as one of the scariest school subjects for most kids. Many of them feel that different equations and calculations in Mathematics are too complicated to be learned. However, this does not seem to apply to BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students like Kenzie Moreno (Grade 10) and Kayla Kenenza (Grade 8). For achievers like these two siblings who have joined numerous Mathematics competitions and Olympiads since grade 1, for them, Mathematics is one of the subjects that teach them how to stay focused under high pressure and allow them to evaluate things from different perspectives.

 The same encouragement is also felt by Chiara Amanda Santoso, grade 11 student at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug. In her opinion, Mathematics is not only a school subject but also a way to see the world from a different point of view through critical and analytical thinking. For someone who continuously joins competitions, it is prepared without any special training outside the school. Rather, it is self-prepared with the help of the school’s subject teacher and practicing mathematical problems through past papers.

 Kenzie and Kayla have joined and won at least 10 different mathematical competitions and Olympiads every year since grade 1, whereas Chiara began to join math competitions and Olympiads in grade 4 and won different medals almost every year! Chiara has won different international Mathematics competitions such as winning Gold in World Mathematics Invitational 2022, Gold in American Mathematics Olympiad, Gold in Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad, Silver in Big Bei Hongkong Bei Area Math Olympiad, Silver in Asian Science and Mathematics Olympiad at the end of 2021, and many more.

 Outstanding achievements by Kenzie, Kayla, and Chiara are an inspiration for their peers to achieve their best. However, winning is not their primary goal upon joining the competitions. Rather, they emphasize Math competitions in its journey and the impact they have received such as experience, building new networks through new friends they made, and building their perseverance, character, and confidence level.

 Teachers play a crucial role in developing students’ potential. One of Math teachers’ responsibilities includes banishing the stigma of making Mathematics seen as a school subject that is fun and challenging for their students.

 Denise Rentiquiano, Head of Mathematics Subject at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, stated that Math is actually a fun subject to be taught and helped to build analytical and critical thinking. Teaching Math for Mr. Denise requires personalization. Personalisation means that he has to understand and accept that each of his students has different competencies, to which it needs a different approach to teaching each student. “Before teaching begins, I have to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of my students first,” said Mr. Denise.

 Not only Mr. Denise, every teacher at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug appreciates each student’s potential and directs them accordingly so students can discover their potential fully. One of the few ways to motivate and allow them to discover their potential is through competitions.

 Every teacher at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is open and always ready to guide each student in their learning process. They are willing to spare extra time in providing the students assistance upon facing some challenges throughout their studies. Along with that, every teacher is capable of understanding each of the student’s character and way of thinking. This can be seen even through the different learning methods of the two siblings; Kenzie prefers using logic as his learning method, whereas Kayla prefers learning systemically.

 BINUS SCHOOL Simprug supports each of its student’s interests and guides them to fully grow to their best potential. This is a commitment not only BINUS SCHOOL Simprug has as an institution, but also its exceptionally qualified teachers in their own expertise academically and pedagogically. Even more surprisingly, plenty of them is certified International Baccalaureate (IB) Educators around the world and IB assessors in other IB schools across the nation.

 The learning in BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is coherent as all the essential elements: curriculum, teachers, and students are inseparable. Educators who are exceptionally qualified, understand each student’s psychological capabilities in learning, to not only build individuals who have outstanding academic standards but also a well-developed character in reaching their best potential according to their passion and interest.

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