Our Valedictorian Class of 2022, Josephine Davina Kairupan

Warmest greetings to Mr. Peter, the faculty, parents, and my fellow classmates. First and foremost, I’d like to relay my biggest congratulations to the class of 2022 for completing the IBDP amid these trying times. 2 years of unprecedented highschool experience coupled with a notoriously rigorous academic program…needless to say, this has been nothing like High School Musical. Given this disillusionment, I was extremely impressed to witness how each and every one of us overcame these extenuating circumstances and converted them into meaningful memories.

Starting junior year with bubbles of unfamiliar initials, I would have never foreseen the precious friendships formed during the past two years. Online school deprived us of proximity and, in doing so, forced us into awkward interactions with peers who were more like strangers than classmates. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming community this school, inclusive of its teachers and students, had to offer.

To the teachers and faculty members, thank you for your unending patience and support. You not only equipped us with quality teaching, but with a warm and conducive learning environment. By sympathizing with our academic struggle and making them your own, you made sure we wouldn’t have to weather this storm alone. I believe that I am speaking for everyone when I say that your guidance is truly appreciated and will forever be remembered.

To my fellow classmates, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Despite only knowing most of you virtually, I’ve discovered an incredible amount of creative talent and intellectual curiosity within our student body. Considering our already busy schedules, I am deeply inspired by the global awareness and passion for community reflected in your projects thus far (e.g. Womenfolk Collective, Heart2Heart, Animalia Studio, AMBIO Musical, etc.). I look forward to seeing what your brilliant minds have in store. Your persistence and grit shall resonate in your future successes.

Once again, congratulations for making it! Bye2 highschool <3

Yours Truly,
Josephine Kairupan

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