Our curriculum stresses that its concern extends beyond intellectual achievement : students should develop a personal value system through which to guide their own lives as thoughtful members of local communities and the larger world. The student as a learner is the centre of the curriculum model, followed by the family, then the community and the school environment to the world at large.

Our Roles In The Communities

This area of interaction also supports the fundamental concept of intercultural awareness, which aims to encourage tolerance and respect, leading to empathy and understanding. Our students engage in interactive situations that enrich them emotionally, socially, morally and culturally by engaging them in positive action and contact with other social and cultural environments.

Giving importance to the sense of community encourages responsible citizenship as it seeks to deepen our students` knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Our students are encouraged to make connections between their intellectual and social development and the benefits that they can contribute to the community by asking themselves, “How can I make a difference?” This area is about action and reflection inside as well as outside our classroom. Our students discover the social reality of self, others and community.

The idea of community is developed as an integral part of the programme. Our students are made aware of specific issues, recognize their responsibilities and are empowered to act in response to the needs identified in class within the curriculum. To achieve this, a number of meaningful action plans are devised by the teachers as well as students throughout the school year. We believe that when our students have opportunities to contribute and to be depended on, they can transform their lives, reinvigorate their education, and touch the lives of many in their communities.

The various community projects which our BINUSIANS have participated in have given them fulfillment and a rich experience in caring for others beyond themselves. The projects include:

  1. Visits to different Orphanages, Old Folks` Homes, and Schools of the Blind
  2. Schools to Schools Project : EY / EL division with SD 29, Banda, Aceh and MS / HS division with SMAN 5, Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra
  3. Annual Donation Fund Drive through Fun Fair, Bake Sale, Garage Sale and Bazaar
  4. Adopted SDN Grogol 8 & 12 as a School Project. An avenue where our students teach English to their sister school besides having fun through games, i.e. Futsal, sharing food and learning together
  5. Outreach Programmme to BINUS neighbours through Flood Relief ; medical, livelihood and Re-use, Reduce and Recycle Programmes
  6. Annual Lebaran Gift-giving and Buka Puasa Bersama

Community work instills in our students the qualities of selflessness, cooperation, kindness, empathy, care and consideration for the lesser privileged. There is a kind of pleasure and fulfillment that rises from the realization that a little step from our student`s side can make a big difference in other people`s worlds.

As a school, we actively develop the attitudes and skills of leadership and foster a sense of social and community awareness and responsibility. It is awe inspiring to see them understand the true value of life and to empathize with less privileged children. They are quick to embrace the children from the local community schools they visit to gain a deeper understanding of what community is and how they can contribute.

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