Registration and Documents | How to Apply Binus Simprug

Registration Documents:

  1. Completed Registration Form, signed by parents on every page.
  2. Agreement Letter for School Fees Payment, signed by parents on every page.
  3. Agreement Letter for School Regulations, signed by parents on every page.
  4. Declaration Form, signed by parents on an Rp 10.000,- official stamp.
  5. 3 (three) recent coloured photographs, size 3 x 4 cm.
  6. 2 (two) copies of the candidate’s Birth Certificate.
  7.  1 (one) copy of the candidate’s Report Card from previous level of education (if applicable, for example: Kindergarten Report Card for Elementary School applicants).

Additional Information about Programme Fees:

  1. Effective Date: August 1st, 2023
  2. The school fee’s amount is only for Academic Year 2024 – 2025 and is subject to review annually.
  3. Enrolment Fees and School Fees exclude co-curricular programs, uniforms, materials, arts & crafts materials, stationeries and meals.
  4. The monthly School Fees cover all tuition and access to all School facilities, Internet access, Textbooks (where applicable), handwriting books, student diary & folders (1st day packs only), excluding graphic calculators/notebook computers.
  5. All the payments that have been made are non-refundable, cannot be transferred to other candidates, and cannot be claimed for any other reasons.

Payment using credit card instalment scheme might be unavailable at any time without prior notice if the collaboration between the School and the Bank Partners comes to an end or is not continued.

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