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Total Compilation of all BINUS SCHOOL Simprug



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33 higher than world average 31.98

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92% higher than world average 86.85%

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Beverly Gunawan, Class of 2006

Aside from diverse students, diverse faculties and teachers hail from various corners of the globe. Growing up in such a diverse environment has profoundly shaped me, fostering adaptability to new situations and ever-changing surroundings. Understanding individuals from their unique perspectives, along with their diverse cultures and backgrounds, is crucial for success in the workplace. What I learn in school doesn't necessarily have to be directly related to our future careers. The faculty members have played a pivotal role in honing my critical and creative thinking skills, as well as teaching me how to effectively collaborate in groups and instill discipline. Developing a strong work ethic is essential in any workplace, a lesson we began learning from a young age. My time at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug has been truly enriching, filled with valuable experiences of studying, forging friendships, and exploring diverse subjects. Watch Beverly Gunawan's full testimonial video here.

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BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Students Accepted to Ivy League Universities in America Before High School Graduation!

01 June 2024
Jakarta, Indonesia – May 27, 2024 – BINUS SCHOOL Simprug proudly announces the outstanding achievement of three students who have been accepted into prestigious Ivy League universities in the United States before their graduation. The Ivy League is a group of the best colleges in the United States. The students are Morgan Wiradharma, accepted into The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; Averroes Dhafin Tirtosuharto, who was selected by Brown University; and Jaewon Choi, who will continue his studies at Cornell University. "BINUS SCHOOL Simprug greatly helped and supported me throughout my preparation for entering these universities, both academically and non-academically," said Morgan Wiradharma. Acceptance into the Ivy League is proof of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug's commitment to providing high-quality, globally-oriented education and preparing each student to pursue their dream universities. "I think one of the biggest things BINUS SCHOOL Simprug did for me was allowing me to take 7 additional subjects. This made my application to Brown University more likely to be accepted," said Dhafin. These achievers have shown dedication, hard work, and a strong desire to learn during their time at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug. They have not only excelled academically but also actively participated in various extracurricular activities and personal development programs. Jaewon Choi also shared a message after his experience at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, "Throughout my Ivy League admission process, I felt immense support from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, especially academically. The teachers there are experts with years of experience. Their reliable methods helped me excel in academics and discipline." This achievement certainly inspires other BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students to pursue their dreams in higher education. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug remains committed to providing the best support and guidance for its students to achieve success, become future leaders, and contribute to many people, in line with the vision of BINA NUSANTARA to foster and empower society.
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