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Amanda Sugiharto

The countless opportunities and supportive environment in BINUS SCHOOL Simprug has enabled me to learn and grow, shaping and preparing me well for my next chapter in life. Thank you BINUS SCHOOL Simprug!

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30 May 2023
" Hi everyone I’m Morgan from the batch of 2024. Last weekend on 20th of May, myself and my teammates Sharon Angriawan and Myra Khullar actually flew to Brisbane Australia to compete in the finals round of Blueshift Business Competition held by the Queensland University of Technology. So about this competition, there is this real NGO in Queensland called Sporting Wheelies that wants to expand to reach more schools and students, and they took such challenge for high school students to provide innovative solutions and strategies for Myself, Myra, and Sharon, coming from an NGO business organization in Indonesia called CORE, were intrigued by the format and challenge of the international competition, and so we submitted our solution.   Out of a total of 108 registrants, the team was able to make it to the finals where only 12 teams were selected. We were actually the only international team that was able to make it to the finals, and the first ever team coming from Indonesia since the competition started in 2014. And in the finals, we first competed against 3 other teams, to which we were able to achieve first place, allowing us to compete in the champions round, where we ultimately achieved second place overall. Long story short, our proposed solution is a strategic journey that caters to client profile, which begins with initiating social media virality, by emphasizing trends, algorithms, and such, then leading to the main annual event called WeLeague that would bring together communities of schools and students from different areas of Queensland. It was quite a dilemma for the team to either go or not go to the finals round, because for me and Myra, we had to skip out on the phenomenal school play, while Sharon had exams coming up. However, evaluating the pros and cons, we came into conclusion that it was better to go, be it win or lose, its not an opportunity worth missing. And now after the competition, we agreed that it was definitely worth the leap of faith, besides winning 2nd place, or it being good for the CV and such, the experience we get from creating strategic solutions, competing yet learning from international teams, was all worth it. Thank you for BINUS SCHOOL Simprug teachers, especially Mr Linus for the guidance throughout this competition". - Morgan Wiradharma, Class of 2024 (Team Leader)-
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