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Bergas Batara Anargya, Class of 2021

Hi everyone, my name is Bergas Batara Anargya from the class of 2021. I’ve been in BINUS SCHOOL Simprug from EY3, so 13 years in this school, and right now, I’m doing my bachelor’s degree in Allegheny College doing a Computer Science major and Economics minor. While doing that, I’m also in a fast track program to my master’s degree to Carnegie Mellon University where there I’m gonna study Masters Information Systems Management. The achievements that I accumulated across my 2 years in Allegheny include All-PAC Conference First Team, which is top 5 players in a conference across 10 schools in the Pennsylvania area, and I also got an All-Region award for top 10 players across the Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland area. In regards to my education, I got inducted to the International Honor Society of Economics called Omicron Delta Epsilon for my scholastic achievement in Economics. My journey in BINUS SCHOOL Simprug would be very appreciated, I never thought that I have a school really support me in my unique extracurriculars, although that some people that really respected what I’m doing right now. This could be shown by one of my extracurriculars, a CSR project called Mobile Library Indonesia, where my friends and I created a program, a book drive for underprivileged kids in Bandung and Bogor. Also, I am co-chairman for Binus Cup 2020, or Binus Cup VIII, where we host a high school varsity tournament across 20 schools in the Jakarta area. What I could say is, especially on what I can take from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is first, commitment, commitment to your goal. I think you have to know what your goal is, you have to be clear on what you want, and regardless if it’s short-term or long-term goal, you have to know that where you’re going, so you won’t be stress about in the current time. And also, time management really important, probably more important than commitment I think, because the ability to balance school, extracurriculars, and social life is very important in order to create friends, networks, and be successful in life. A message to all of you guys is, first, work smart not hard. I think it’s a very cliche thing to say right now, but in order to work smart, you’ll be more efficient with your time, get to learn more, and not focusing on one single topi, in which in this day of world, you won’t be successful because there is a lot of things going on right now.   University: Allegheny College (Bachelor's Degree) Computer Science Major and Economics Minor & Carnegie Mellon University Masters of Information Systems Management (Master's Degree) Achievements: - All-PAC Conference First Team - Ping All-Region Team - Academic All-District Men's At Large Team (Success in athletic and academic settings) - Omicron Delta Epsilon (International Honor Society of Economics) - Treasurer for the International Club, providing inclusion for International Student to Allegheny College Current Profession: Student-Athlete

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Showcasing The Portable Machine of Tempeh Making in Austria, Two Indonesian High School Students Ready to Promote Indonesian Cuisine in Europe

28 September 2023
Tempeh, often known as a traditional Indonesian delicacy, that is easily cooked into various dishes, has gained popularity for its affordability and widespread appeal to people of all backgrounds. Surprisingly, this soybean-based food has been hailed as one of the best vegan foods globally. The name "tempeh" has gained recognition among European communities, particularly among vegetarians. In response to the growing popularity of tempeh in Europe, two students from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug embarked on an innovative endeavor to create a Portable Machine of Tempeh Making. This technology was showcased to the European public at the Ars Electronica Festival 2023, held at POSTCITY Linz in Linz, Austria, from 6-10 September 2023. At this event, the BINUS SCHOOL Simprug booth adopted the theme "Tempeh Universe: Revealing the Secret of Tempeh - Indonesian Food Heritage and Vegan Life" featuring the Portable Machine of Tempeh Making, a technology that processes soybeans into tempeh. The Portable Machine of Tempeh Making is the creation of two 10th-grade students from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, Kenneth William Santoso and Davrell Mylka Jowkins. Their presence at this international event was accompanied by BINUS SCHOOL Simprug teacher Dr. Savita as research mentor, as well as Dr. Rinda Hedwig as Research Interest Group Leader and Marcel Saputra as Research & Development Coordinator from BINUS University's Computer Engineering department, and Chef Trias Septyoari Putranto. With pride and enthusiasm, Kenneth William Santoso and Davrell Mylka Jowkins provided an explanation of how the device operates. Kenneth explained that the concept behind this technology is relatively simple, involving the control of all tempeh processing stages, from initial steps like soybean washing, boiling, to soybean and hull removal. “The first step of the machine is to soak the soybeans for 6 hours while the machine oscillates back and forth to ensure the separation of the hull from the bean. Secondly, the machine will bring the soybean and water to a boiling temperature. Thirdly, the machine will increase its rotation speed to ensure the absolute separation of the hull from the bean,” explained Davrell. Kenneth added that the machine also adds yeast as a fundamental ingredient in soybean processing into tempeh. The machine's temperature adapts to room temperature, complete with air circulation to facilitate fermentation. “The result of this controlled process is eventually the creation of the tempeh dishes. This machine exercises the entire process from soybean to tempeh offering consumers consistent quality and less work," continued Kenneth. The Portable Machine of Tempeh Making is planned to be marketed in non-Asian countries, excluding Japan, with the goal of promoting traditional Indonesian cuisine to the world. Mr. Isaac Koh, the Principal of BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, expressed that every student's talent and interests should be continuously supported to hone their potential, allowing it to have a positive impact on society. "Here, we believe in encouraging students to explore their interests and talents and supporting them with the resources to achieve them at the highest level possible," Mr. Isaac explained. As a research mentor to Kenneth and Davrell, Dr. Savita is truly proud of the opportunity to have a showcase at the Ars Electronica Festival 2023, especially considering the positive response from the audience. "During our exhibition in Austria, the response we received was incredibly enthusiastic. It was evident that many people in Europe were highly interested in this tempeh processing technology, and they also seemed to enjoy dishes made from tempeh," expressed Dr. Savita. The Indonesian Embassy in Austria (KBRI/PTRI) also attended and provided support to the BINUS SCHOOL Simprug delegation, which proudly represents Indonesia through their innovative technology. The Ars Electronica Festival is an exhibition that combines various fields, including science, business, creativity, art, and local wisdom from around the world. BINUS SCHOOL Simprug's presence with the Portable Machine of Tempeh Making demonstrates that BINUS SCHOOL Education always fully supports its students in their creative endeavors and innovations, particularly when they are impactful to society, aligning with the vision of BINA NUSANTARA to foster and empower society in building and serving the nation.
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